Charolles is the old capital of the county Charollais, and is part of the Charollais Brionnais beautiful countryside. The town is situated on one of the main Charolais rivers, the Arconce and is dotted with several canals, which gives it its name “Venice of the Charollais”.

Located in the heart of the countryside, the area’s many rolling hills are covered with lush forests and hedged farmland dedicated mainly to livestock farming, notably the famous "Charolais" known as the white bull.

Charolles has been awarded 3 flowers in the “Ville fleurie” (flowered village ratings, 4 being the most), which is evident to see why with its many colourful public gardens, like the Bouissoud Square, or the Saint-Nicholas promenade with its ancient chestnut trees. It has been classed as a “Station Verte”, which means it is part of the national network of nature destinations, with its wide range of activities: fishing, cycling, horse riding, hiking and hunting


It is possible to walk along the canal banks, in the state owned forests, through the woods of Boulay, in the valley of the river Arconce or where it meets with the river Semence. At the entrance to the forest, in a gladed area, you can try your hand at archery. 

There is a weekly market on Wednesday mornings, and also a sheep market every Wednesday morning at the Parc des Expositions. The cattle market takes place the 2nd Wednesday of the month from January to May, and there is an important agriculture fair in October and November. 

Also in November there is the Herd Book Bull Competition, which guarantees a lively atmosphere, as does the beef festival in December!  

For music lovers, Charolles holds its annual music festival in July, and there is a show jumping competition also in July. 

Charolles is definitely worth a visit and as it is easily accessible from many small villages and hamlets, you are able to combine the best of both worlds, country living and town life.